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The Legacy Group logo

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The client work for The Legacy Group, began with the creation of the branded business itself. After initial consultation with accomplished Wealth and Estate Manager, Jeff Velastegui, and understanding his desire to differentiate his business’ efforts from the larger financial group he is affiliated with, and the need appeal to a more targeted discriminating client base, we determined the best course of action was to create a new branded entity, The Legacy Group. After a thorough review of his business’ unique points of differentiation, the various competitor groups in the market, as well as his target customers of high net worth individual and successful younger professionals, we established the brand tenants for The Legacy Group and developed it as a stand-alone brand.

The goal of The Legacy Group is to help their clients live a life of greater confidence, choice, and financial freedom through strategic planning and unparalleled advice.

The Legacy Group logo

When setting out to create a logo icon next to the words, The Legacy Group, we created the “Legacy Tree”. In addition to being a beautiful example of modern brand design, it has deeper meaning.

The client always had great wonder about trees in addition to trees being a great example of stability, growth and prosperity. While you don’t normally see them, the roots of a tree offer anchorage and provide a foundation for the trunk and branches that steadily grow over time. Only with a healthy growth process can a tree sprout its beautiful leaves every year and ultimately propagate more trees. The Legacy Tree is a great representation of the client’s strategic planning process, which is designed to manifest itself in the personal legacies people can be truly proud of.

After the successful launch of the brand and associated website ( also designed and developed by Boomer Productions, Inc., The Legacy Group was able to launch a number of marketing efforts and very quickly started drawing over 500 clicks a month. The work with The Legacy Group is a great example of strong strategic branding and creative design coming together to establish a new company poised for decades of work to come.

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The client work for The Legacy Group, began with the creation of the branded business itself. After initial consultation with

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