Favorite Long Island Summer Activities

Long Island Summer Activities

The Summer is pretty much halfway over, but there is still some solid time left to venture out and enjoy everything Long Island has to offer. With that said, I want to share some of my favorite Long Island summer activities I enjoyed thus far. In no particular order we have the following super fun activities and my pro tips for how to maximize each experience.

Tobay is one of the Best Beaches on Long Island

Tobay Beach is Best Beach of Long Island

During this summer of 2021, News12LI ran a series on the Best Beaches of Long Island and what makes each one special. On this segment that aired on July 30, 2021, News12 Long Island’s Caroline Flynn toured Tobay Beach and showcased all the activity on the ocean side, the bay side, the various restaurants and […]

Amanda Bananas Featured on News12LI “Food Truck Friday”

Amanda Bananas News12LI

Boomer Productions works with small businesses to identify unique story angles that accurately showcase their unique points of differentiation and finds earned media opportunities to properly showcase them. With client, Amanda Bananas NY, Boomer Productions was able to sell into News12 a story idea and educate consumers on the new 100% frozen banana, gluten-free, dairy-free […]