Ari Goldblatt Owner & President Boomer Productions

Around three and a half years ago Ari Goldblatt set out to chart a new course in his career of marketing and branding. After spending 18 years in the corporate marketing world, working at a number of large marketing agencies, The USTA, The New York Road Runners and servicing clients like American Express, Reebok, and Starwood, Ari had an epiphany – there are a ton of small businesses in the New York Tri-state area that don’t have access to the top marketing agencies in the world and can use some help. Ari Goldblatt felt many small businesses can benefit from an experienced and knowledgeable outsourced marketing solution that doesn’t break the bank.

What are you most passionate about?

Outside of my family, wife Alison, children Abigail and Alivia, my true passion lies with surfing ocean waves. My father introduced the ocean to me when I was 4 years old and I’ve been in the waves ever since. When I was 16 I purchased a used surfboard and the feeling of riding a wave on my feet was then something I knew I had to feel the rest of my life. I enjoy riding the waves off Long Island and finding opportunities to travel outside of New York to surf.

What work stands out the most?

Even in the short span of three and a half years I am very proud of the success we’ve had with clients. From first launching the Rockaway Brew Cruiser (shuttle bus connecting LIC with Rockaway Beach), to securing five TV appearances for GraBar Fish, to launching The Legacy Group brand and website, to creating a viral social media campaign for the Carrom Company with millions of view, I thankfully can point to many successful Boomer programs for our clients

Why do you love Long Island?

While our nation isn’t one of the oldest in the world, this large sandbar that was created by glaciers, and what we now call Long Island, has an amazing history, natural environment, and people. I grew up on Long Island, live here now and foresee myself living here the rest of my life. I think Long Island has so much to offer all its residents if they just know where to look. I consider my work for local small businesses as only part of my fulfillment. The rest is connecting my fellow Long Islanders with those brands, who offer them beneficial services and products and experiences.

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