PoolPal Fills A Need For Above Ground Pool Owners

With the explosion of above ground pool purchases during the coronavirus virus summer of 2020, Boomer Productions recognized a need for people to keep their mobile phones, kindles, tablets and other items dry and safe from the bottom of the pool because above ground pools have no adjacent deck. After setting up his own above ground pool, Ari Goldblatt realized he had nowhere to put his phone. What a few hand drawings and a great contact with a very talented fabricator out of Tennessee, the American-made PoolPal was born. The PoolPal really is more of a piece of furniture for your above ground pool as it’s hand-made, utilizes waterproofed quality natural wood, and sports complementary white finish that matches all pool designs. Priced at $100, The PoolPal is functional as well as beautiful and enables people to fully enjoy their at home pool experience.

The PoolPal works with all above ground pools. With a proprietary clamp, the PoolPal can attached to the vertical support polls of temporary external framed pools or it can connect to a PVC pipe that is able to be driven into the ground adjacent to inflatable or more permanent style above ground pools. Boomer Productions is able to advise on the best method to utilize the PoolPal.

If local to Nassau or Suffolk counties in New York, Boomer Productions can arrange a drop off of pickup as well as coordinate shipping if it needs to be sent elsewhere. Shipping is not included in the $100 price.

For more information contact Ari Goldblatt at ari@boomerproductions.org or call/text 516.647.6589.

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