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Boomer Strategic Brand Marketing

One of the main reasons why I decided to start Boomer Productions is because I realized most small business owners have not looked at their businesses from a strategic brand marketing & target customer analysis perspective. Taking a strategic brand marketing approach involves identifying what makes a business truly unique against its competition. When a business has a good understanding of their target customer, they can anticipate how their marketing needs to be presented in order to be received in the best possible light. Identifying who those consumer targets are is just part of it, you need to learn how they think.

Boomer’s Brand Marketing Approach

The whole point of going through a brand marketing analysis is to get a better understanding of the brand and what makes that brand special. Over the course of my 18 years working in the corporate and NYC marketing agency arena, I wound up establishing my own school of thought pertaining to brand marketing analysis. Now I take my clients through this process in my brand marketing workshop, where we identify a company’s key attributes and get a true understanding WHY they are important to their business. Then we make sure to examine the key competitors in their area and after cross referencing the two we’re able to identify a brand’s unique points of differentiation. 

Ari Goldblatt & Victoria Azarenka
2011 US OPEN - Victoria Azarenka with Ari Goldblatt photo cred: David Kenas

Unique Points of Differentiation

It’s important for a business to know their unique points of differentiation because if you are going to spend the time, money, and effort to put your marketing message out there you better make sure it’s about what makes your business special. If a brand is putting out an advertising message similar to their competitors, it runs the risk of landing as white noise on the ears of consumers. There is so much advertising messaging in everyday life that we are all being inundated with white noise. Good advertising is when a brand can cut through the white noise. When a business is at least touting their unique points of differentiation they at least have a better chance of standing out among the competition with the strengths of their business and avoiding the clutter.

Boomer’s Target Customer Analysis

Almost as important as a brand understanding its unique points of differentiation is understanding who their target customers are. Often the day-to-day operation of running a business makes it hard to step back and have a 10,000 foot look at what’s going on. When a business hits its groove of repeat word of mouth customers, the inclination is to just keep going. But when a business doesn’t step back and see what’s going on there is greater chance for opportunity cost. Are there other customer groups that would purchase your product or service? If you modified the delivery of product or service, would you easily find another target customer set? In Boomer Production’s Branding Workshop, we aim to identify the various commonalities among the key target customer groups for a business. Then we work to try and think like those target customer groups for the purposes of trying to understand their pain points and passion points. When a business can correctly think like their target customer groups then they can anticipate how those groups of consumers like to receive messaging and what they would like to hear. Being able to put out marketing or advertising messaging already designed to be well received by a target customer group gives the advantage to that business to drive more sales.

Fertile Creative Ground

When a business can identify their unique points of differentiation and they have a good understanding of their target customer groups then the fertile creative ground has been established. Boomer Productions does not engage in any creative ideation for its clients till the fertile creative ground has been established. Trying to think of big creative ideas without the preceding brand research is effectively throwing ‘you know what’ against the wall and hoping it sticks. You can get lucky with a good idea, or you can also totally miss the mark. Establishing the fertile creative ground enables the marketer and the business owner to enter in the creative process with full confidence they thought about everything relating to their brand and their customers. 

Creative Fertile Ground
Best Brews of NYC Event was created by finding the creative fertile

A strong creative fertile ground led me to develop some of my best ideas. Through this process I created the Best Brews of NYC event that was concepted to draw more people to the commercial retail, office, and entertainment venue in NYC, Brookfield Place. Having a good understanding what Brookfield Place was as a brand and who we wanted to attract to its campus in downtown New York City, led to my team creating a beer festival showcasing New York City’s best breweries. Like the Brookfield Place, the event was sophisticated yet fun and we drew the young professionals we wanted to discover all the great things Brookfield Place had to offer.  

Boomer Productions Can Help You With Your Brand Marketing

The process I outlined in the preceding article can be applied to any brand and company in any industry. It’s a basic approach where all businesses can benefit from this kind of analysis. It gives me so much pleasure working with owners of small businesses to discover these all-important brand details and insights on their target customers. If you have not gone through these important brand marketing steps give me a call me at 516.647.6589 or fill out the following form and Boomer Productions can get working for you right away.

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