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Over the last four years Boomer Productions, Inc. has been website design for a whole host of businesses and companies. We pride ourselves in creating websites that are both attractive, functional, and true representations of our client’s key attributes and brand identities. Here at Boomer Productions, we believe a businesses’ website is effectively their digital storefront. All considerations need to be taken into account to make sure the final product is the best it can be. Here are just a few samples of websites we have created:

A Website Is A Business’s Digital Storefront

A shopkeeper would make sure the sidewalk in front of their store is swept, has nice attractive and clear signage above the door, and a nicely designed, appealing window display that accurately conveys what is available for purchase inside. Now business owners need to treat their websites with the same care and attention. In today’s day in age, businesses can’t take their websites for granted. Gone are the days of creating a new website and leaving it alone for a few months or a year. Our whole culture and economy are online and businesses that have websites that look like they were created 10 years ago are at a significant competitive disadvantage. This is something they really can’t afford now and certainly not in the future. It’s time to sweep that digital sidewalk and invest in that new digital storefront signage to let your customers know you are serious about what you are doing.

It All Starts with the Brand’s Strategic Approach

Before a business decides to create a new website, they better understand some important details about their operation and the environment in which they work. The following is a list of considerations Boomer Productions makes sure to identify with its clients before we even start to develop a new website:

  • What makes their business special and unique?
  • What are their competitors are doing and how are they talking about themselves?
  • Which customers is the business trying to reach?
  • What is important to their top customers and clients?

Identifying these considerations serves as the basis of a business’ strategic approach or brand strategy. At Boomer Productions we feel it’s vital that a business have a clear brand strategy before they execute any marketing initiative, and most certainly a new website.

Web Design that Showcases The Unique Brand Identity

Once we have conducted the brand audit, and established the Brand’s Strategic Approach, we can start to bring that brand to life in the form of a website. Boomer Production’s approach is developing the look and feel of a website off the brand strategy work. Having the establish the look and feel and structure of a homepage, and received client approval, we then move on to building the wireframes for the entire website. From there we develop the content for each section of every page. With the content developed, we then build out the entire site and get full and complete client approval before we go live. Finally we conduct any final beta testing and then we bring the site public. 

Let Boomer Productions help you and your business build a new or update your existing website. We offer a cost effective and time efficient approach that will have you very satisfied and proud of your new digital storefront. Contact us by calling 516.647.6589 or email me at

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