Live At Boomer’s Coming To Your Yard!

Live At Boomers
Brendan Michaelis performs a live block show in Plainview 5/25/20

After much success with our virtual online ‘Facebook Live’ performances, we are bringing all the great performers you see at “Live At Boomer’s” to your front or backyards. We recognize society during the Coronavirus pandemic has changed rather dramatically. In order to keep people safe we need to remain socially distant and we won’t be going to any physical music halls, clubs or bars to hear live music any time soon. Even if they were open it would be a considerable risk to spend prolonged time with strangers indoors. However, when it comes to spending time outdoors with family, friends and neighbors, people we know, as long as we maintain social distancing, we can enjoy the same live music we have always enjoyed.

Live At Boomers
Brendan Michaelis plays Live At Boomer’s yard party

Boomer Productions is able to set up your socially distant block event or yard party with extremely talented local musicians that are very interested in performing in front a live audience. We are also able to help you organize your event with a specific focus on encouraging social distancing. Shows are booked in two or three hour increments and start at $250. Please contact us for more information or questions about how we can better customize a live music performance for your needs.

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